Zoning Ordinance & Map

Questions regarding the Village Zoning should addressed to the
Zoning Administrator, Don Tanner 
231-383-3771, zoning@villageofelberta.com

View/Download the Village of Elberta Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map:
VOE Zoning Ordinance Amended 021816.
 Current Village Zoning Map, Adopted April 2015
Please note: the most current version, including any revisions, is available at the Village Office.  231.352.7201

Zoning Permit Applications
Download and fill out in MS Word Print and fill out
Land Use Permit.docx Land Use Permit.pdf
Sign Permit.docx Sign Permit.pdf
Special Use Permit.docx Special Use Permit.pdf
Site Plan Review.docx Site Plan Review.pdf
Request for Appeal.docx Request for Appeal.pdf
Change of Zoning.docx Change of Zoning.pdf
Permit Fee Schedule