The Used Street Name Signs are for sale thru December 31.  Click here for price and inventory.

The Five-year Parks and Recreation Plan is being amended.  Public input will be received at the December 8th.   Watch for public review and hearings to be announced.

Bids have been received for the Penfold Park Restroom project and the Village Office/Garage Restroom Remodeling Project.  A public opening of the bids will be on Monday, December 5th at 7 pm at the Community Building, 401 First St, Elberta.

The Office of Village President is Vacant.  Residents interested in filling the vacancy should contact the Village Office.

Village Office sells garbage bags.  $25 for a package of 10 bags.  If you are interested in a 96-gal cart for $15/month contact the Village office.

The Village Water Quality Report is available.